About Us

Cropped image of handsome middle aged realtor in classic shirt shaking hands with his clients and smiling while sitting in office

Our Story

St. Louis is a big city, but a small town.  And no where is that more true than South County where "everybody knows everybody."  Whether we went to high school together, our kids played soccer together, or our families grew up on the same street it's important to work with people you know and trust.  Someone that knows the area and the people that live in the community.  The Oakville Realty Group has deep roots in St. Louis and is ready to serve.

Our Approach

It all starts with a handshake.  Yes, it may seem old fashioned but that's how we do business at Oakville Realty Group.  Simply put, we are here to serve and help families.  That's our driving mission and why we do what we do.

Ready To Serve

Oliver Berman

Founder & Chief Realty Consultant

with his wife Christy and son Andrew.